Eat Me Up: Eggs n Brekky

Another food trip had been conducted this Sunday, October 23. This time, it’s all about breakfast meal. After running and walking our dog in the park, we visited the famous Eggs n Brekky in Angeles City. It is located in 447 Rizal Extension – Though a bit far, I assure you that coming here will satisfy your stomach and wouldn’t do much damage in your pockets. In their menus, they have a lot of varieties; From rice meals down to waffles. They also have many beverages that you could choose from.

The first thing that we ordered is Hungarian Sausage. This, by far, is my most favorite food in this place. When you eat the sausage, you would’t notice that it was spicy. It will slowly go down to your throat and at that time, you will feel the burn. It isn’t the kind of spice that would have you coughing, just a little fire to blend with the sauce. Paired with garlic rice, it is the perfect meal for me.


Next thing is the original food made by filipinos – It’s called Beef Tapa. It’s paired with vinegar sauce to add spiciness to it.


As for the dessert, this is the one thing that I am truly waiting for to get my hands on it – Chocolate Chip Pancakes. 


Although it is supposed to be sweet because it’s called chocolate chip pancakes, I think they should lessen the syrup just a little bit. Alongside with the whip cream, I really like it and pancakes are heavenly. They’re so soft and fluffy – easy to chew. The drink beside is Blue Lemonade – they also have another one which is the best seller Cucumber Lemonade. I recommend getting those two because they’re refreshing and also healthy.

All in all, this restaurant is a big thumbs up for me. The waffles ranges from P89 to P100+. They also have some savory waffles if you’re not a big fan of sweets. Highly recommend this place. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is refreshing – though the space is a bit small it is very cozy and of course the prices are very affordable.

Oh, before I forgot, Dutch wants to say hello!


We’ll be waiting for you💞


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