Eat Me Up: Muceno Food Park

Another foodie blog!!! I mentioned in my last post that food park’s are popping everywhere – I can now say that we’ve encountered another one which I am really excited to share with you. You can invite your family and friends to have some quality time and enjoy some great foods.


Muceno is located in Richthofen St corner Hensonville, Malabanias, Sta. Maria Ave, Angeles, Pampanga


The open space looks more cozy with the effects of the yellow light bulbs.



My favorite out of these three is the maki – for P140 you get 8 pieces which you wouldn’t regret once you tasted it. The price with the squid is also the same as the maki – as for the Ice Cream i’m a bit disappointed. Since it was P90 and you get five flavors, I thought that the scoops were big but I was a little upset because of the small servings.

As for the place, I’d say that it was very refreshing because of the open space though it was a bit small, I think that you guys should try it. Thumbs up for me๐Ÿ‘

See you on the next blog,



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