Book Review: Blue Dahlia


A Harper has always lived at Harper House, the centuries-old mansion just outside of Memphis. And for as long as anyone alive remembers, the ghostly Harper Bride has walked the halls, singing lullabies at night…

Trying to escape the ghosts of the past, young widow Stella Rothchild, along with her two energetic little boys, has moved back to her roots in southern Tennessee-and into her new life at Harper House and the In the Garden Nursery. She isn’t intimidated by the house-nor by it’s mistress, local legend Roz Harper. Despite a reputation for being difficult, Roz has been nothing but kind to Stella, offering her a comfortable new place to live and a challenging new job as manager of the flourishing nursery.

As Stella settles comfortably into her new life, she finds a nurturing friendship with Roz and with expectant mother Haleu. And she discovers a fierce attraction to ruggedly hadsome landscaper Logan Kitridge. He difficult but honest, brash but considerate-and undeniably sexy. And for a sensible woman like Stella, he may be just what shs needs…


rating4🌟 s

After a long hiatus, I’m finally back! I was so relieved when I’m finally finished with this book ’cause I started it since summer but then the heavens decided to say that I should finish it and write a review. Lol.

First off I’m not a big fan of gardening, I only bought the book because of the author but holy hell I never expected that I would also love this kind of story. At the first few chapters of the book, I was not really into it ’cause as I’ve said earlier it circulates around plants etc., but then I got the hang of it. It is also family and friendship centered that’s why I can relate so much, the things that happened in this book can also be reality.

What I liked about Stella, is that even though many things has happened to her, even though she looks like she’s carrying the worlds problem, she still managed to stand up and moved on with life. Not only that but she’s also an independent woman, hardworker-juggling her time between taking care of her sons and work.

Roz is definitely my favourite. She’s the definition of a woman that once a man breaks you, you can still stand up and make your own name. Even though her character went through sh*t on marriages she still stood up on her own, made a name and never give a damn to those who hurt her. Independent, confident all the traits and of course being a good boss and a mother never giving up no matter how sh*tty her life turned into. I admire her so much; the simple way that the author describe her made me even love Roz so much. As for Logan, he’s the kind of man that what he has on his mind is set on doing it. Sometimes I’m pissed at him for acting so brash but other than that thankful ’cause things wouldn’t happened is he hadn’t appeared on Stella’s life.

I was a bit disappointed at the thriller part. I’m expecting it to be happening in the first few chapters but once you get into that part you’ll actually feel a bit scared. Though not enough, the suspense still got me hooked. Romance actually takes time and I’m so happy because you can really see the character development of each one on the word ‘Love’

I know that it took me a long time to finish this book, but all I can say is that I never regretted reading it. The way Roz showed the power of women over men, dang I love it so much. This book teaches you how to love yourself, be confident and never be afraid to take chances again ’cause who knows it might turn out good😉

Also a reminder to all ladies out there, even if a man breaks you show them what you really are and never let them see your weak side cause we are much more stronger than this. Highly recommend you guys to read it, so much lesson learned. Love it so much. Until next time…


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