Eat Me Up: Aranci Blu’


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Well, of course food is a source of energy for people to be able to do work- not only that other’s consider it as their comfort zone or they just really love the explosion of flavors in their mouth.  But let me ask this, what kind of person you are when it comes to food?


The one who prefers fancy dining?

or the fast food one?

Admittedly, people has been fond of fast food restaurants ’cause it’s much more cheaper and affordable. However, we can’t deny that we’ve thought about eating in fancy restaurants before with wine on your side or the warm atmosphere and the aromatic flavors of the food right under your nose. Today, that will change. I’m going to share with you guys a new place that we’ve found in Friendship, Angeles near Sunset.

The picture above is what the exterior looks like. I’ve talked to one of their staffs and found out that the restaurant is only open up to 10 PM – their peak hours is lunch and dinner time. So if you like to take pictures inside and be by yourself, you could come by in the afternoon.

They did a great job doing the interior of the restaurant. Once you enter, you would immediately feel the coziness of the place because of it’s warm lights. The sunlight doesn’t stream inside because of it’s windows or heavy curtains. What I like about it is that they still added that pop of color for the place to really shine – they have this painting of buildings in a brick wall that you will see once you step inside. That one is really pretty


Then they also have a private section that you can use for family gatherings or occasion. The place is big and spacious






The concept of their menu is Italian – Mediterranean. Since this our first time here we only ordered two things – the topping of our pizza has shrimp and squid. The pasta is pene which is spicy and garlic bread on the side. I forgot the names huhu sorry! But I’ll try to remember it and write it down here if I did.

My favorite dish from what we ordered is the pasta. Since it was spicy I was expecting the flavor to be strong when you take your first bite but I was really surprise by the taste of it. When you take a bite, you’ll ask yourself  “I thought this is spicy, why is it not there?” Trust me, once you’ve taken two or three more bites of the pasta, the spiciness of the sauce will explode in your mouth.

It’s so tasty, the pasta is perfectly cooked the sauce is on point not that spicy to the point where you’ll drink every second but the kick and flavor is there. Definitely one of my favorites. Also, if you don’t have a big appetite the pasta is good for two people but if you like it all by yourself, why not?

The pizza is also good. I love the crust and the sauce. It is perfectly cooked plus you could really smell the shrimp and squid. I think their pizza is cooked in a brick oven ’cause I ask my mom why there is still a little bit of flour underneath the crust and she said that it could be cooked in an old style way. Which is good because other people prefer their pizza’s cooked in a brick oven so that the flavor of the pizza and the crust will intensify.

All in all, I could say that this is my new favorite place. Though a bit pricey, well what do you expect it is a FANCY place hihi I think you guys would love the food here. They also have steaks on their entree which sadly we couldn’t get to taste ’cause we just want to look at it a little bit. But will come back here next time!

A great place if you’re going to have a date, family gathering, a day out with friends etc. The place is cozy, staffs are friendly and of course the food is amazing. Though if you want to try many food in here *whispers* make sure to check your wallet hihi. Definitely worth it if you guys want to try a different kind of food in a much more fancy way.

Whoop that’s all for today, hit me up in the comments if you guys decided to go to try their food.



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