Book Review: Empire of Storms




The long path to the throne has only just begun for Aelin Galathynius as war looms on the horizon. Loyalties have been broken and bought, friends have been lost and gained, and those who possess magic find themselves at odds with those who don’t.

With her heart sworn to the warrior-prince by her side, and her fealty pledged to the people she is determined to save, Aelin will delve into the depths of her power to protect those she loves. But as monsters emerge from the horrors of the past, and dark forces become poised to claim her world, the only chance for salvation will lie in a desperate quest that may mark the end of everything Aelin holds dear.



3.8 ⭐️

Second to the last book of the ToG series. I mean who wouldn’t be excited on what was about to happen in Kingdom of Ash? Certainly all of us will especially the bookworm community. Since it was pretty long, I didn’t expect to finish it in just one and a half month. First of all I was way too late to read this book which sucks because I have nearly forgotten what happened before this one but luckily I catch up thanks to an audio book and was able to reminisce.

Starting off, the books has many action packed stories which included Lysandra and I am so living it. Including Elide which the both of them really pulled off and I couldn’t be happier. It showed on how they can manage to survive even after those horrible things that happened to them – especially Elide who conveyed that she can live even without Manon by using her tactics.

Another one is Manon, phew I thought this woman is about to die luckily she was saved. I was half expecting that she wouldn’t end up with Dorian even though in the last book they were a bit mushy. I only see them as person who saved a prince’s life and witch who will do anything for her team. I can’t wait to see on what the both of them will bring in the second book.

As I’ve said before, I love the book especially because it has more action towards Lysandra and Elide but it did turned me off a few times especially when it came to Rowan and Aelin. Now, I know that they are in an intimate relationship but I just wish that Sarah would lay off the sexual bits a little bit more. There was a chapter where they just finished fighting and Lysandra was badly injured and they decided to do it on the beach. I know it’s a way of comforting your mate but holy hell too graphic for me.

I think there were also 3-4 pages of them describing on what they’re doing *shakes head*. It made me squirm resulting for me to skip the chapter and never reading that again. You guys must be saying that “Well what do you expect it’s a young adult book!”. I’m not saying that Sarah should stop including it if she wanted to. But considering the fact that most of it is being read by 13-16 year old girls, I think she would need to tone it down a bit with Rowaelin. Giving it detail by detail may result to other people not liking it especially to the one’s who are not used to it. It kinda got to the point that even slight flirting from them before or after fighting irks me off…eep.

The situation between Aedion and his father should have been handled more seriously. I hate seeing family relationships like that in a cliffhanger but I’m hoping for the next book on what will happen. It’s beautiful but there were just some key points that I really disliked. All in all, I enjoyed the whole book because I was capable of seeing on what road will Aelin take to rebuild her kingdom again.



Book Review: The Shadow Queen




Lorelai Diedrich, crown princess and fugitive at large, has one mission: kill the wicked queen who took both the Ravenspire throne and the life of her father. To do that, Lorelai must use the one weapon she and Queen Irina have in common–magic. She’ll have to be stronger, faster, and more powerful than Irina, the most dangerous wielder of magic Ravenspire has ever seen.

In the neighboring kingdom of Eldr, when Prince Kol’s father and brother are killed by an invading army of ogres, the second-born prince is suddenly responsible for saving his homeland. To do that, Kol needs magic–and the only way to get it is to make a deal with the queen of Ravenspire, promise to become her huntsman and bring her Lorelai’s heart.




Absolutely loved it! When I first started it, I was a bit confused on where the story is circulating or rather the whole plot. Because I’ve never read the synopsis of it, I took a look at the back of the book and found out that it was a Snow White retelling. If the apple isn’t any indication that it is somehow connected to that, then I must be an idiot for not noticing in the first place. I got a bit excited because this is the only second book that I’ve read with a twist from it’s original one (first retelling I’ve read is Alice in Zombieland which you guys should probably read)

When I got more in depth with the book, I started to like it more. Few chapters were a bit slow, but it was a good one because everything was explained thoroughly. And i got the biggest shock and love of my life when I met her aka Lorelai another badass protagonist queen on my list. She’s fierce, smart, has survival instinct, considers everything for her plan and when she does it’s like a ball of fire that will not stop until she does it. Her courage and will to fight for what is hers and what is right no matter what is the outcome really stunned me. Those moves! I can’t really say anything more than this but I know that you guys will really love her.

And she’s only not my favorite–Gabril reminds me of Heimdall so so much. Like I really imagined him the one portraying this role and I just can’t help but smile widely. Just like he said, even though he’s an old man with a limped leg he can still kill and protect his princess. Certainly you guys will liked him because of his fatherly attitude towards Lorelai and especially Leo–the sassy brother.

Another reason why I gave it a five star is because of the portrayal of Irina. Like in some books, we just see villains as…evil and nothing more. What I love about it, is that the author also showed some of Irina’s capability of loving someone else, wanting that peace and just forget everything but sometimes a person’s will to what she truly wanted is much stronger than what her heart yearns.

Quite impressed with how the romantic plot took over. It’s not rushed, not love at first sight too. Just a simple way of falling in love with each other. I’m sure you guys would love Kol and his gang. Most definitely Trugg–I had tears streaming down in my face because of laughter from him. As for the ending, I’ll leave it up to you guys but as for me I really love it.

There’s a second book but with a different plot and characters much like a side story, I don’t know if I’ll read it as it’s also based on the tale of Rumpelstiltskin but since I loved this one I might give it a try. It’s a wild ride and I intend to discover more retelling’s of my childhood books.


Book Review: Slasher Girls and Monster Boys




A Powerhouse Anthology featuring some of the best Thriller and Horror writers around…



4.5 🌟s

It was my first time reading a book like these especially a thriller one. I really can’t say which story is the best, but I think it is a kind of book that will not bore you once started. It’s a very new experience because not only you will immerse yourself in different characters and world, you can also see how contrast the authors are. Some of them are really gruesome- which in some cases I liked and some a bit of cute and a mix of old horror bedtime stories.

Some has a Victorian era air in and other’s very modern. I’ve never read some of the authors own books in this anthology; for example Jay Kristoff, Daniel Paige, Leigh Bardugo, A.G. Howard and Marie Lu. I know that Jay and his book are sci-fi and is also the best seller among ya, but this is the first time ever that I read his stories. I liked his part in this book. It really has that modern touch and I might actually start reading some of his works.

The one that really made me shiver is the work of Marie Lu. As a kid, we are scared of things in our bedroom; some under the bed and some the closet. And since I’m the only one in my room, my closet is my biggest fear and I slightly freak out because I can really relate to this one. I really loved this one because it has left some lesson on it. That even though you have the money, power and will to move on- it will still come hunting for you. It’s a price you have to pay.

Highly recommend this if you guys are having a really bad reading slump. Because of this, I’m more pumped to read the works of this great authors and hoping to learn more from them. Put this on you lists, basket, shelves etc. I can guarantee that you guys will have fun.


Book Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin

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Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s manoeuvrings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit – and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well.

As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords – and hunt for allies in unexpected places.



4.5 🌟s


I did keep my promise of coming back right here now that summer will be nearing I have more time with my books and indulging them hihi. My last review was the book that I have painstakingly read for months so that I could really write my review properly. But holy hell this book, Maas doesn’t really disappoint and it’s a miracle I’ve finished this in due time with all the things I have to do. My rant has been too long, I’ll get to the review now.

I’ve heard many people complained that at the start of the book it gets boring to them and that the rising action is prolonged- well, I do agree to some of them. Sometimes it gets bored to me too with the overly explanation on the furniture’s and surroundings that I also skip some part though on the good side I think it build up that anticipation that people had been waiting. But I think if Maas started the whole war thing earlier, it would’ve been more interesting in the first and middle part of the book. (I’ll rant about the ending later imo…I wanna save the best for last) There’s also this one shocking info in this book which now falls into the characters.

First of all, I don’t know what to do with Nesta. She’s such a stubborn girl but that sharp tongue of her will sometimes save or kill her. I’m still kinda on edge with her on this book also with Elain and Lucien. Guess I’ll find on the next one. Cassian is known to be a cocky and brooding Illyrian male but I’ve never seen him that vulnerable when it comes to Rhys. I literally shed a tear when he said that Rhys had done enough for them and it’s his turn.  Because behind all of that muscles and swords, a man with a heart broken for his friend laid there. It must’ve been really hard for him and I wanna thank the author letting Cassian speak his heart out for his high lord.

Az, the ever silent and watchful shadowsinger also decided to reveal some of his past and himself with Feyre but not that much. He’s still a mystery to me but I also want to know his inner thoughts, feelings and many more. Sometimes it frustrates me that he only speaks when necessary. I want him to be more open but I guess time will give him that. Mor, well, is a shock for me. Now this is where the issue comes in. I’ve seen many people either angry at Mor or Az. I just wanna state my side; yes, what Mor did to Az is horrible for keeping the secret for 500 years to a man that has loved you his entire life but the reason why I didn’t give this book a full rating is because Maas poor writing about Mor that lead to let’s say a bloody situation.

From the first two books, Maas has clearly stated that Mor is with Az (not rlly sexually) but you guys know what I mean. The thing that left me confused is, why now? I mean she didn’t even leave a clue on the first books that Mor likes women. It has been clear that she likes men and also resulted to sleeping with Cas – I’m not angry at the fact she’s lesbian, i’m into diversity but perhaps putting it into a trilogy where Mor is described in the book to be clearly into men, I guess that piece went a bit disarray? In their place where people are old, yes it’s hard for them to accept it but I guess she should’ve tried telling the inner circle especially to Az who has been nothing but supportive or rather loving to her.

That’s my piece about the whole situation. And for the dying part, I want to curse so badly but I wanna keep it pg BUT WHEN THE SURIEL DIED? HIS LAST WORDS TO FEYRE AND WHAT HE ONLY WANTED? YOUR GIRL CRIED A RIVER. I was hell bent on ripping the book and when Ianthe arrived, I was glad the weaver ended her life lmao. AND DON’T START WITH THE BONE CARVER AND THE OUROBORUS I WANNA SEE WHAT FEYRE SAW ON THE MIRROR. Just by the way I’m in all caps you guys could already tell that it was a bucket of tears possibly a sea flowing in my face. ALSO RHYS. I thought my heart stopped omg that was such a clean shot! I thought my world will really crumble if he faded away but I guess his cocky attitude is too good to be gone.

But the one that really stocked with me is The Bone Carver’s words “Only you can decide what breaks you.”  I think it’s true, people who have experienced many horrible things are still walking and living their lives, proving other’s that no matter what happened, they will not let those broke them- and even if they do break apart they’ll try their best to stand up just like Feyre and never give up those dreams.

All I wanna say is, if you guys want to finish the book prepare for tissues at the end cause you’ll badly need it. The ending is so so good..but here are the things that you guys should look out for

  • Their father
  • Feyre/Lucien at the first part
  • Amren and Varian (these two made me cry too)
  • Nesta and Cassian
  • Jurian (yeah, the man that everyone hates that I grew to love too. Srsly guys, he’s a good man I swear)
  • FeySands’ son (yeah that scene with the bone carver)
  • Drakon and Miryam
  • Mother above TAMLIN (i think his name in all caps is enough)
  • Elain/Azriel (kinda leaning into these two too)

I think these are all the things you guys need to prepare for that will really break you into parts. It still hurts me. Though the book may have some of it’s flaws on what I had explained above about Mor, i hope it will be fixed and explained more so that no confusion will be on the book. Really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one which btw will be released in May (welp my wallet is crying again) I can’t and I’m not yet ready.

Question is, are you guys ready for the next book?



Book Review: Slayers




Tori’s got a problem.She thought she’d have one more summer to train as a dragon Slayer, but time has run out. When Tori hears the horrifying sound of dragon eggs hatching, she knows the Slayers are in trouble: In less than a year, the dragons will be fully grown and completely lethal. The Slayers are well prepared, but their group is still not complete, and Tori is determined to track down Ryker- the mysterious missing Slayer.

What Tori doesn’t bargain for, however, is the surprising truth about her powers. She isn’t just a Slayer, she’s part dragon lord, too. How can Tori fight to save her friends when half of her is programmed to protect dragons? And with a possible traitor in their midst, the Slayers will be divided in more ways than they ever imagined.



2.5 🌟 s

It’s been so long since I’ve made a book review, hence why I’m so happy to be back on track again inch by inch. Since I’ve read this book for like half a year (lol sorry it’s just bcs of school and personal things) I’m going to do a real digging in here hihi..

As you all know the book is about dragons, now I’ve read books with dragons before but not that often. I’m more into magical and fantasy or contemporary books. This is actually the second book that I owned with dragons in it. The story is in a modern world circling around a group of people that slays dragons and also involves political topics – kinda what you see in movies. For me, the book isn’t really my cup of tea, though I enjoyed some parts; it isn’t the kind of story that will really send me chills about the dragons.

Let’s talk about the characters, to be honest I thought Ryker will have more point of view in this book but he has like two or four chapters for him and the rest are Tori. I know that she is the main but I was also very intrigued at what will Ryker do next once he discovered his powers…Questions jumbled into my mind on what will happen but his story is really brief. I was hoping that I could get more but we’ll see for the second book. As for Tori, her personality really didn’t catch me. I had a hard time connecting to her thus made it hard for me to concentrate on the plot. But i like her determination into doing things even sometimes it can lead to harmful things.

As for the whole dragon genre and fantasy, I’m a bit bummed because I wanna see more dragon actions. I want that fire and excitement when they’re fighting the enemy, I want the enthusiasm of the group. More of like the dragon movie that the children watched? I forgot the name hihi. Though their stuff is amazing like the watch where they can contact each other, that was cool.

As for Dirk, I like him and still like him. Even though he betrayed or whatever you want to call it he still wanted to help his friends even if it can cost his life. I want to see more of him too in the second book and what he will do once things get really intense. Also curious on what happened to his real mother and what did Overdrake do.

If you’re really into dragons, then I recommend this book hihi I’m sure that you guys will enjoy it. Hopefully in the second book more actions and secrets will be revealed.

Happy New Year guys!


Eat Me Up: Tapa Pares

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“Good Food is Good Mood”

Another food blog for those who loves discovering new flavors, new cute food stalls or restaurants. Comfort food has always been our best buddy. Tapa has always been Filipino’s favorite meal in the morning paired with eggs and fried rice. Since we don’t where and what to eat that night, we stumbled on this place where they served different kind of Tapa’s.

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The interior of the place is so cute! It has this playful vibe and canteen looks which makes it more cozy. The chairs , tables, drawings and the counter is so cute! It’s the kind of place that will surely make you go back because of it’s atmosphere and of course food.

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Tappa with Longganisa Sausage
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Sizzling Bulalo
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Beef Pares

Out of three, my favorite is the sizzling bulalo – my dad’s order. The beef is so soft that you wouldn’t even need a knife plus the sauce is so good! The portion of the sizzling bulalo is just the right amount plus they also have unlimited rice and drinks so it’ll be worth ordering it. My second favorite is the one that I ordered, the Tappa with Longganisa Sausage.

The egg is perfectly cooked plus their sausage is not the regular one. You’ll love it and if you just want to try a simple tapa dish you can order the Beef Pares – which is also delicious by the way. I love their fried rice – it isn’t the kind of rice that is lumpy or sticks (you know what I mean) also has garlic and is perfectly cooked.

The prices too are budget friendly – it’s a place where you can go with your friends after school or work or just want to have some tapa. They also have different kinds of meal not just tapa (the pic of menu is above) Highly recommend if you’re going to order the Sizzling Bulalo. The best and i’m sure that you guys will love it.

Tapa Pares is located at Hensonville, Balibago Angeles City

They also have social media accounts just type the name “Tapa Pares” on facebook and instagram and their page will appear! Hope this blog is helpful for those poeple wanting to find something new. Until next blog…




Eat Me Up: Aranci Blu’


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Well, of course food is a source of energy for people to be able to do work- not only that other’s consider it as their comfort zone or they just really love the explosion of flavors in their mouth.  But let me ask this, what kind of person you are when it comes to food?


The one who prefers fancy dining?

or the fast food one?

Admittedly, people has been fond of fast food restaurants ’cause it’s much more cheaper and affordable. However, we can’t deny that we’ve thought about eating in fancy restaurants before with wine on your side or the warm atmosphere and the aromatic flavors of the food right under your nose. Today, that will change. I’m going to share with you guys a new place that we’ve found in Friendship, Angeles near Sunset.

The picture above is what the exterior looks like. I’ve talked to one of their staffs and found out that the restaurant is only open up to 10 PM – their peak hours is lunch and dinner time. So if you like to take pictures inside and be by yourself, you could come by in the afternoon.

They did a great job doing the interior of the restaurant. Once you enter, you would immediately feel the coziness of the place because of it’s warm lights. The sunlight doesn’t stream inside because of it’s windows or heavy curtains. What I like about it is that they still added that pop of color for the place to really shine – they have this painting of buildings in a brick wall that you will see once you step inside. That one is really pretty


Then they also have a private section that you can use for family gatherings or occasion. The place is big and spacious






The concept of their menu is Italian – Mediterranean. Since this our first time here we only ordered two things – the topping of our pizza has shrimp and squid. The pasta is pene which is spicy and garlic bread on the side. I forgot the names huhu sorry! But I’ll try to remember it and write it down here if I did.

My favorite dish from what we ordered is the pasta. Since it was spicy I was expecting the flavor to be strong when you take your first bite but I was really surprise by the taste of it. When you take a bite, you’ll ask yourself  “I thought this is spicy, why is it not there?” Trust me, once you’ve taken two or three more bites of the pasta, the spiciness of the sauce will explode in your mouth.

It’s so tasty, the pasta is perfectly cooked the sauce is on point not that spicy to the point where you’ll drink every second but the kick and flavor is there. Definitely one of my favorites. Also, if you don’t have a big appetite the pasta is good for two people but if you like it all by yourself, why not?

The pizza is also good. I love the crust and the sauce. It is perfectly cooked plus you could really smell the shrimp and squid. I think their pizza is cooked in a brick oven ’cause I ask my mom why there is still a little bit of flour underneath the crust and she said that it could be cooked in an old style way. Which is good because other people prefer their pizza’s cooked in a brick oven so that the flavor of the pizza and the crust will intensify.

All in all, I could say that this is my new favorite place. Though a bit pricey, well what do you expect it is a FANCY place hihi I think you guys would love the food here. They also have steaks on their entree which sadly we couldn’t get to taste ’cause we just want to look at it a little bit. But will come back here next time!

A great place if you’re going to have a date, family gathering, a day out with friends etc. The place is cozy, staffs are friendly and of course the food is amazing. Though if you want to try many food in here *whispers* make sure to check your wallet hihi. Definitely worth it if you guys want to try a different kind of food in a much more fancy way.

Whoop that’s all for today, hit me up in the comments if you guys decided to go to try their food.