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I really don’t have a sensitive skin, but four years ago I started to have breakouts. And I was freaked out, because it was my first time having that kind of experience. I was in sixth grade when it happened but it stopped after a few months. Then, I became a junior and it came back full force. It’s not severe as you think it will be, I just have a few spots on my face and the rest is okay. Still, I was so frustrated and insecure that I would do everything to get them under control. So, when my mother came home with Human Nature products I was so relieved because it literally saved my life. The good thing about these, is that they’re all natural, no harmful chemicals and I thought why not try them? So, let’s do this!



Purifying Facial Scrub Php 99.75 – Due to the temperature in my country, I tend to have oily face which sucks because you don’t want that when you’re going somewhere. When I started this one, it reduces the oil on my face which is really great plus it also has some real strawberry seeds which helps to exfoliate my skin! This is my substitute when I ran out of my other face wash



Acne Defense Facial Wash Php 169.75 –  Like I’ve said, I do tend to have spots on my face whenever I was stressed, stayed up late or whatever activity that involves sweat. But when I used this one, it was like a miracle sent from heaven. It really helps to prevent acne from appearing on my face and also helps with the oiliness of my skin. One of my faves!



Acne Defense Solution Gel Php 199.75 – This one…is the best out of the three! When I first tried this I was wary because you can feel the little sting when you applied it to your acne – but it was all worth it! It dries up my pimples nicely and in just 3 days it will disappear. If you have a problem like mine, this is one of the products that you should try!


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Let’s Talk About. . .Anger and Stress

What do you do when you’re stressed out or your body is fueling with anger? This two emotions are the reason why we tend to snap occasionally…If you thought that you’re the only one experiencing this…you’re not alone. Since I was a little kid, I know that I get angry easily at the smallest things and stressed out at the matters that doesn’t involved me. For the past two years, I’ve been really trying my best to control these dangerous emotions of mine – sometimes I do get pissed off myself about it but. . .day by day I learned to accept that this is who I am and just try to forget everything for a minute and relax.



~Become aware of your Trigger~

Most important thing is you have to know WHY you get angry or stressed out…when people doesn’t have a reason to be stressed and they acknowledge it…well, these are the times that it can be really stressful. If you have some things that needed to be done, do it early. Manage your time because when you face it head on it will be much more harder. Find the reason what is stressing or annoying you, work it out until you find a way to solve it

~Just Relax~

If you feel that the whole world is crushing and crumbling you down, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. If that doesn’t work, go get yourself some off from work. One of the most relaxing thing you could do is travel. Explore the things that you wanted and when you finally feel refreshed, clear off your mind and tell yourself that it’s just another day – and always put a smile on

~Me Time~

When things started going really hectic in my school and everyday life, the thing that I first do when I got home is, have a bath, put on some comfy clothes, grab some snack and indulge myself in korean shows. If you think that your brain is scrambled everywhere, just get a pen and a paper and write down your feelings about everything. In that way you’re relieving all the negative energy from your body


Songs can really change our mood in just a second. When I was about to snap, I usually listen to some slow songs when I feel that anger bubbling up in my chest and try to steer off my mind from all those dangerous thoughts. One song can really change a person’s mood so give it a try!

~Move On~

Lastly, don’t ever ever dwell in the past. There’s a reason why it’s called the past – you cannot change it and that’s totally okay. You don’t want to be left behind on the future ahead of you, always think about what is your next step, and how you’re going to achieve it. And please, past is in the past like Elsa said so move on people.

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Why It’s Good to Have Goals. . .


UHM. . . HELLO 2017!! The year of 2016 is officially over so was the things that happened that year. But are you really ready to start a new one? Personally, I don’t really list down my goals, when the idea came I just try my best to stuck it in my brain but I realize that I failed doing it so.

I want to ask you these, how do you set your goals? Do you write them down? Do you have some? What’s your goal for this year? And if you have, what are they? How do you keep them? Help meee!!!

I know that every one of us, before the year ends we would say to ourselves our new years resolution. My mom (always) have a new years resolution, which in some cases she failed to do so.(Sorry mom hehe, I love you!) A part of that is me – whenever we start our school, I always had this plan set up and my goals.

The thing about me is, I don’t write it down or I forgot it easily. I would easily get frustrated and will push myself too hard – I know some of us has this experience. When we don’t get our goals, we become frustrated, restless and sometimes we give up.

But that’s why we have goals.  Even though we failed to do it, we have to pursue them because it’s the sole reason why we do things.

I remember last year in summer, I told myself that I would eat healthy to have that beach body and exercise everyday. I did the whole Popsicle thing where you pick up one and you have to do it – that lasted about a week until school finally caught up in me. Then, I tried exercising everyday when I got home but my body really isn’t cooperating with me. Same with my studies.

That’s why I said to myself; this isn’t going to work. I need REAL goals. I need to stop dreaming about my goals and properly do it. That’s why this year, I will write down my goals with glitter pens and stickers. And then IF, or WHEN I finally meet them, I can feel excited and proud of myself that I did it all. But if I didn’t get it, I wouldn’t get shitty about myself or get emotional, because that’s life. You just have to move on and try your hardest for the second time.

As for now, I would like to share some of the one’s I’ve written down for this year. . .

-Be more kind, reduce me being gutsy and always, always control my mouth.

-Do more exercise. It’s not only good for the body but also mentally

-Clean my room more. I suck at this. But I’ll try my best

-Concentrate more in school.

-Take risks. Even if you think it’s not worth it, the feeling after doing so is so GOOD

-READ MORE. I’ve been on a slump since school started but I’ll really try my best

-Blog more

-Use my REAL camera. I need to be more good at taking pictures.

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