Travel Blog: Goshen


“Why do you like to travel?”

“Why…because there are so many beautiful things/places that are yet to be discovered and that we should enjoy life while we still have time..”

Did you guys miss me? It’s been almost a month since I last posted but I’m here now – I still have my other travel blog on going, since school has been hectic I haven’t been able to finish it.

I do hope that you guys will visit this place in the future 🙂 I bet that all of you will love it…come with me tehee..

Goshen Resort is located at Bamban Tarlac

After you’ve crossed the bridge, just drive until you see a green sign that has Goshen on it. The resort is still under construction so don’t be confused when you visit and saw many trucks. The grand opening is in December where you can use all their facilities all you want, there are also rooms so you can stay overnight if you liked.

2017-09-03 01.09.34 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.35 1.jpg

Upstairs before we go down to the pool

2017-09-02 03.47.33 1.jpg

2017-09-02 03.47.32 1.jpg

They have three separate pools in this place alone, on the other side is the overlooking pool which is still under construction.

2017-09-03 01.09.27 1.jpg

2017-09-02 03.47.20 1.jpg

2017-09-02 03.47.21 1.jpg

This is the third pool and much more deeper than the other two

2017-09-02 03.47.26 1.jpg

They also have a band. If you’re on day tour the pool & band is up to 5 pm only. If you’re going to stay for a night the band starts at 7 pm

2017-09-03 01.09.51 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.24 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.46 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.42 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.37 1.jpg

This are the places that you can see when you go there, like I’ve said before the resort is still not yet fully done so if you want to experience everything I suggest you go to their grand opening which I stated above when.

I do hope that you guys liked it 🙂

Travel Blog: Vigan, Pagudpud & Laoag coming soon….




Travel Blog: La Union, San Juan

We all know that Christmas break ended a few days ago – I admit that I wanted it to last longer but things just had to end. Like our trip to La Union for the celebration of New Year. The Philippines consists of 7, 107 islands – and among those islands or places, La Union is also one of the most famous and most talked about place.

There are three kinds of wind that struck La Union – The first one, is it’s natural beauty. Even though it’s not a white sand beach, the simplicity of life and it’s serene surroundings is enough to make you want to go here. You will not be lost in here, Just ask someone and they will gladly help you. The people in here are so kind and they also speak tagalog, which is a good thing. This is the place where you will really enjoy your stay with it’s quite surroundings.

The next wind is the food – Before we embark to La Union, we research some restaurant or food stalls that we can try. Let me just say, that we can’t decide where we are going to eat because there are so many great reviews in all the restaurant or food stalls we checked. Later, you will find out all the famous food places in La Union.

The third wind is the tourist – there are also many other people from different countries visiting La Union. The northern part of the philippines is known for it’s strong winds; that’s why Elyu is also recognized for it’s surfing activities. No wonder why there are so many travelers visiting LU.

Now, LU is a very long ride if you’re from Metro Manila – you have to leave very early in order to get there before sunset. There are also hotels that’s facing the beach – the most famous of them is the Flotsam and Jetsam Hotel. Which I think you should try. There are many hotels that you can choose from – but their beach isn’t really that swimmable. The waves are too high and the wind is also strong. If you can, why not?😂

Our hotel isn’t beach front, but it’s pretty okay because you just have to cross the road and walk then you’re in the beach😅. We stayed in Chill ‘N Hotel – we chose this one because they allowed pets plus they’re the only one’s who has vacant rooms left. The room is good for two. But if you want to add an extra bed, you have to pay for it. They will also provide some tissues, water, soap and towels. They also have a pool which I am grateful for because I can drown on their beach😅


This is their beach. They have a long coast and the waves are sometimes very high and strong. For that day, we decided to try the surfing lessons. It’s P400 per hour – me and my mom just shared the one hour and I think it’s enough for you because you’ll get tired easily but I assure you that you will enjoy it. You can ask the hotel you’re staying in for the number of the surfing lesson or just walk along the road and you’ll find signs where you can surf.


Tagpuan is also one of the famous eatery in LU – it’s simple and affordable price is what makes people go here. Their menu is a lot like tapsilog – they also have hot broths and more. It’s on the left side of the road as you walk – beside the Mad Monkey 


From upper left – we ordered Bagnet, Tokwa Baboy, Tapa and Pares. We also ordered extra rice – it really is affordable and a cute little place to eat.

For our breakfast the next day, we ate in the famous cafe shop in LU – the El Union Coffee. Their menu and place is literally for food enthusiast and teens. The most talked about here is their Indoor Smores and Horchata drinks. Sadly, it’s too early in the morning to eat sweets so we decided for pancakes and grilled sandwiches.




My mom also ordered the Iced Americano? I don’t think the name is right😅. It’s my first time drinking americano so I’m not really sure about it. I love their pancakes. It’s so fluffy and the presentation is just so cute😍 – I would love to have these again because they’re heaven in the mouth.

After we ate in El Union, we pack up our things and did a little adventure going to Bahay na Bato. It’s a long ride but once you get there you’ll love it.

Before you wander in here, you will pay first. Children below 4 or 3 is free. Adults are P10 – there is also a parking fee. Whew, just bring some umbrella if you want to go in the afternoon here, it’s pretty hot. I think we actually spend an hour in here because it’s pretty big. Plus they also have the Pebble Beach in here. You can’t swim in it though – waves are too high and it’s pretty deep.





After our adventurous trip in Bahay na Bato, we venture off to the famous Halo Halo de Iloco where they’re known for their delicious halo-halo.



We ordered the Buko Halo – Halo and for the price of P185 it really is worth it. I couldn’t finish mine because it’s too big for me hihi.. you can share it with your love one’s if you think that one is enough for the both of you. A word of caution though, you can make reservations because the place is a bit small so it can get crowded with people. Be there early if you don’t a swarm of people.

Here are some of the restaurants we didn’t get to eat

  • Mad Monkey
  • Flotsam and Jetsam Hotel
  • Olas Banditos
  • Patio Del Sol Seafood Restaurant
  • Surf Shack
  • Gefseis greek Grill

See you on the next blog,


Travel Blog: Hongkong & Macau DIY Trip: Day 3

Belated Merry Christmas everyone! I know that I’m a few days late, but who cares? It’s still December so it’s still Christmas day for me – It’s my favorite time of the year because, it is where you can really spend some time alone with your loved one’s and away from all the stress and work. For today, I want to share with you guys our day 3 in HK! One more blog post then I’m done yehet! Actually, I still have two more blogs to post so stay tuned hihi.

Without further ado, let’s get walkin’

We decided to visit the famous Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery for our last day in HK. If you’re from Tsim Sha Tsui you need to take a train going to Yau Ma Tei, from there you’re going to change lines going to Diamond Hill.hki_gen_mtr_route_map


Once you’ve reached Diamond Hill, get out of the station trhough exit C2. Go around Plaza Hollywood and then follow the signs going to the garden and nunnery. The garden is open from 9am-4pm – entrance is also free. I suggest you go early if you don’t want any photobombers.















That’s all for today and I do hope that you enjoyed them

See you on the next blog


Travel Blog: Hongkong & Macau DIY Trip: Day 2

Of course, our trip to Hong Kong will not be complete without visiting Disneyland. It is every child’s dream, actually everyone’s dream plus it’s my first time so this is very memorable. The best word to describe my whole day in this place is – priceless.

If you’re from Tsim Sha Tsui, you have to take a train going back to sunny bay. From there, you had to ride another train to get to your destination. And how lovely the disneyland train is.








Time to start the adventure
The buildings
The first thing that we decided to do is watch some theater play. The play starts at 12:45 so we eat some lunch first
So excited. Again couldn’t post the pictures because some of them were dark


Belle’s castle
Another ride my mom chose – I swear in the future she would be the reason my heart attack. This is one of the most scariest rides I’ve ever tried in my whole life – I forgot the name of it. Funny thing is, I am the only one shouting on this ride while the others are laughing or just stoic
The way my mother smile after the ride is creepy – It’s like she’s telling me that she won


Didn’t get to experience the ride because we’re too tired
My pretty mother
Christmas is coming
Saw this and they’re so good
So pretty – don’t mind the people guys
Fake snow – love yah mom


That’s all for the second day in Hong Kong – I really enjoyed it especially the last show and the fireworks – definitely worth it.

See you on the next blog


Travel Blog: Hongkong & Macau DIY Trip: Day 1

Hello everybody! I know it’s been a month since I last blogged and updated my bookstagram account but I swear to santa that it has a reason behind it. As all of you know, I posted a picture on instgram saying that we’re going on a trip but didn’t say where ’cause I just want to surprise all of youuu!! These past few days has been the best and ughh.. .I just want to do it again!

Come with me and explore my trip with my mumma in Hongkong💟



Our boarding gate is 1. When you take international flights, you have to be checked in 3 hours before your flight because you still have to pass the immigration and what not. It’s not a really long process but you have to fill some papers. Our flight is 7 am; we woke up at 2:30 and arrived at 3:15



At Hong Kong International Airport. The airport is pretty big so it’s possible for you to be lost – we spend half an hour here finding the exit. The worst thing is that when you arrive they have maps and we’re like “Oh there’s a map, let’s get one so that we won’t get lost.” NOT. We till got lost because the map has no english version. I mean, Hong Kong is a hot spot for tourists so they should have english versions – oh well.

You have to buy an octopus card which costs about HKD 50. And then when you’ve return it you can get the 50 HKD. You can use this in everything – train, bus and convenience stores. 
You have to ride a train in order to get to the immigration area – it’s also inside the airport
The trainnn. You have to be careful because the people in here are always in a hurry


  • If your going to Tung Chung from the airport and planning to ride Ngong Ping Cable Car, you have to ride the S1 bus. They will drop you off at the City Gate, if you have a luggage you can leave it at their locker storage. Enter the city gate and then take two escalators downstairs. For you to ride the cable cra, it’s just on the opposite road of the city gate. Cross the road and fall in line for the ticket.
  • Ngong Ping Cable car gets crowded in the mid-afternoon. If you already have a ticket then that’s good, you can also buy the ticket from there. Buying it is pretty fast so it’s quite alright for me.
The ticketing are for the cable car
The tickettttttt yeheyyyy. You also have to get a map for you to explore the place
The cable car. I forgot to add that there’s also a person with you. One cable car can fit 8 persons
So highhhh
Once you’ve got out of the cable car, you would see this sign. And then you can now explore the place!
A happy kid hehehe
The ngong ping


You can also buy some street foods inside. A word of caution, selfie stick is not allowed. If you have one just put it inside the bag but you’re not allowed to use it. It’s also the same in different places



A pretty templeee
Our room that we stayed in is a hostel – Tai Wah Hostel which is great because we’re just going to stay here two nights. The lady on the front desk is also a filipino so you’ll be comfortable
The bathroom. It is pretty small but also convenient because a heater is a must in HK haha.

That’s all for our first day in hongkong. It was tiring but also fun because you learn new things about their culture – minus the people of course haha. I’ll update our 2nd day on the next few days

See you on the next blog


Travel Blogs: Bolinao, Pangasinan

Hey guys! Since it is my last month before going to school again, my family decided that we would have an Impromptu getaway – similar with Valentines day.


Before you enter Bolinao you’re going to enter several towns and routes which roughly took us 4 hours (depends on where you live)
This is the place where we stayed for one night
The Pathway
The Canteen
You can lounge in the Kubo while waiting for your room
This is our room. It’s only for two persons but since I am barely 5 ft, we managed to fit in one bed.
A table where you can place your things.
A place where you can also eat and chill 
13329720_1073353429370569_1492842879_n (1)
The Beach
View from the top
The Floating Restaurant at Sungayan
St. James Church
Inside the church
You will see this above the ceiling when you entered the church. There are two more, sadly I didn’t got a shot of them
Binungey is a food made from sticky rice, coconut milk salt and is placed inside the bamboo
Sunset at the resort

All in all, I had a great time spending my day at the the beach. Though, the beach isn’t practical for swimming because the sand is not stable. But, if you really like having a day out of the city, you can go here and relax – Always bring an umbrella because the weather in Bolinao is unpredictable.

See you on the next blog💕,