Book Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin

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Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s manoeuvrings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit – and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well.

As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords – and hunt for allies in unexpected places.



4.5 🌟s


I did keep my promise of coming back right here now that summer will be nearing I have more time with my books and indulging them hihi. My last review was the book that I have painstakingly read for months so that I could really write my review properly. But holy hell this book, Maas doesn’t really disappoint and it’s a miracle I’ve finished this in due time with all the things I have to do. My rant has been too long, I’ll get to the review now.

I’ve heard many people complained that at the start of the book it gets boring to them and that the rising action is prolonged- well, I do agree to some of them. Sometimes it gets bored to me too with the overly explanation on the furniture’s and surroundings that I also skip some part though on the good side I think it build up that anticipation that people had been waiting. But I think if Maas started the whole war thing earlier, it would’ve been more interesting in the first and middle part of the book. (I’ll rant about the ending later imo…I wanna save the best for last) There’s also this one shocking info in this book which now falls into the characters.

First of all, I don’t know what to do with Nesta. She’s such a stubborn girl but that sharp tongue of her will sometimes save or kill her. I’m still kinda on edge with her on this book also with Elain and Lucien. Guess I’ll find on the next one. Cassian is known to be a cocky and brooding Illyrian male but I’ve never seen him that vulnerable when it comes to Rhys. I literally shed a tear when he said that Rhys had done enough for them and it’s his turn.  Because behind all of that muscles and swords, a man with a heart broken for his friend laid there. It must’ve been really hard for him and I wanna thank the author letting Cassian speak his heart out for his high lord.

Az, the ever silent and watchful shadowsinger also decided to reveal some of his past and himself with Feyre but not that much. He’s still a mystery to me but I also want to know his inner thoughts, feelings and many more. Sometimes it frustrates me that he only speaks when necessary. I want him to be more open but I guess time will give him that. Mor, well, is a shock for me. Now this is where the issue comes in. I’ve seen many people either angry at Mor or Az. I just wanna state my side; yes, what Mor did to Az is horrible for keeping the secret for 500 years to a man that has loved you his entire life but the reason why I didn’t give this book a full rating is because Maas poor writing about Mor that lead to let’s say a bloody situation.

From the first two books, Maas has clearly stated that Mor is with Az (not rlly sexually) but you guys know what I mean. The thing that left me confused is, why now? I mean she didn’t even leave a clue on the first books that Mor likes women. It has been clear that she likes men and also resulted to sleeping with Cas – I’m not angry at the fact she’s lesbian, i’m into diversity but perhaps putting it into a trilogy where Mor is described in the book to be clearly into men, I guess that piece went a bit disarray? In their place where people are old, yes it’s hard for them to accept it but I guess she should’ve tried telling the inner circle especially to Az who has been nothing but supportive or rather loving to her.

That’s my piece about the whole situation. And for the dying part, I want to curse so badly but I wanna keep it pg BUT WHEN THE SURIEL DIED? HIS LAST WORDS TO FEYRE AND WHAT HE ONLY WANTED? YOUR GIRL CRIED A RIVER. I was hell bent on ripping the book and when Ianthe arrived, I was glad the weaver ended her life lmao. AND DON’T START WITH THE BONE CARVER AND THE OUROBORUS I WANNA SEE WHAT FEYRE SAW ON THE MIRROR. Just by the way I’m in all caps you guys could already tell that it was a bucket of tears possibly a sea flowing in my face. ALSO RHYS. I thought my heart stopped omg that was such a clean shot! I thought my world will really crumble if he faded away but I guess his cocky attitude is too good to be gone.

But the one that really stocked with me is The Bone Carver’s words “Only you can decide what breaks you.”  I think it’s true, people who have experienced many horrible things are still walking and living their lives, proving other’s that no matter what happened, they will not let those broke them- and even if they do break apart they’ll try their best to stand up just like Feyre and never give up those dreams.

All I wanna say is, if you guys want to finish the book prepare for tissues at the end cause you’ll badly need it. The ending is so so good..but here are the things that you guys should look out for

  • Their father
  • Feyre/Lucien at the first part
  • Amren and Varian (these two made me cry too)
  • Nesta and Cassian
  • Jurian (yeah, the man that everyone hates that I grew to love too. Srsly guys, he’s a good man I swear)
  • FeySands’ son (yeah that scene with the bone carver)
  • Drakon and Miryam
  • Mother above TAMLIN (i think his name in all caps is enough)
  • Elain/Azriel (kinda leaning into these two too)

I think these are all the things you guys need to prepare for that will really break you into parts. It still hurts me. Though the book may have some of it’s flaws on what I had explained above about Mor, i hope it will be fixed and explained more so that no confusion will be on the book. Really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one which btw will be released in May (welp my wallet is crying again) I can’t and I’m not yet ready.

Question is, are you guys ready for the next book?




Book Review: Slayers




Tori’s got a problem.She thought she’d have one more summer to train as a dragon Slayer, but time has run out. When Tori hears the horrifying sound of dragon eggs hatching, she knows the Slayers are in trouble: In less than a year, the dragons will be fully grown and completely lethal. The Slayers are well prepared, but their group is still not complete, and Tori is determined to track down Ryker- the mysterious missing Slayer.

What Tori doesn’t bargain for, however, is the surprising truth about her powers. She isn’t just a Slayer, she’s part dragon lord, too. How can Tori fight to save her friends when half of her is programmed to protect dragons? And with a possible traitor in their midst, the Slayers will be divided in more ways than they ever imagined.



2.5 🌟 s

It’s been so long since I’ve made a book review, hence why I’m so happy to be back on track again inch by inch. Since I’ve read this book for like half a year (lol sorry it’s just bcs of school and personal things) I’m going to do a real digging in here hihi..

As you all know the book is about dragons, now I’ve read books with dragons before but not that often. I’m more into magical and fantasy or contemporary books. This is actually the second book that I owned with dragons in it. The story is in a modern world circling around a group of people that slays dragons and also involves political topics – kinda what you see in movies. For me, the book isn’t really my cup of tea, though I enjoyed some parts; it isn’t the kind of story that will really send me chills about the dragons.

Let’s talk about the characters, to be honest I thought Ryker will have more point of view in this book but he has like two or four chapters for him and the rest are Tori. I know that she is the main but I was also very intrigued at what will Ryker do next once he discovered his powers…Questions jumbled into my mind on what will happen but his story is really brief. I was hoping that I could get more but we’ll see for the second book. As for Tori, her personality really didn’t catch me. I had a hard time connecting to her thus made it hard for me to concentrate on the plot. But i like her determination into doing things even sometimes it can lead to harmful things.

As for the whole dragon genre and fantasy, I’m a bit bummed because I wanna see more dragon actions. I want that fire and excitement when they’re fighting the enemy, I want the enthusiasm of the group. More of like the dragon movie that the children watched? I forgot the name hihi. Though their stuff is amazing like the watch where they can contact each other, that was cool.

As for Dirk, I like him and still like him. Even though he betrayed or whatever you want to call it he still wanted to help his friends even if it can cost his life. I want to see more of him too in the second book and what he will do once things get really intense. Also curious on what happened to his real mother and what did Overdrake do.

If you’re really into dragons, then I recommend this book hihi I’m sure that you guys will enjoy it. Hopefully in the second book more actions and secrets will be revealed.

Happy New Year guys!


Book Review: Blue Dahlia


A Harper has always lived at Harper House, the centuries-old mansion just outside of Memphis. And for as long as anyone alive remembers, the ghostly Harper Bride has walked the halls, singing lullabies at night…

Trying to escape the ghosts of the past, young widow Stella Rothchild, along with her two energetic little boys, has moved back to her roots in southern Tennessee-and into her new life at Harper House and the In the Garden Nursery. She isn’t intimidated by the house-nor by it’s mistress, local legend Roz Harper. Despite a reputation for being difficult, Roz has been nothing but kind to Stella, offering her a comfortable new place to live and a challenging new job as manager of the flourishing nursery.

As Stella settles comfortably into her new life, she finds a nurturing friendship with Roz and with expectant mother Haleu. And she discovers a fierce attraction to ruggedly hadsome landscaper Logan Kitridge. He difficult but honest, brash but considerate-and undeniably sexy. And for a sensible woman like Stella, he may be just what shs needs…


rating4🌟 s

After a long hiatus, I’m finally back! I was so relieved when I’m finally finished with this book ’cause I started it since summer but then the heavens decided to say that I should finish it and write a review. Lol.

First off I’m not a big fan of gardening, I only bought the book because of the author but holy hell I never expected that I would also love this kind of story. At the first few chapters of the book, I was not really into it ’cause as I’ve said earlier it circulates around plants etc., but then I got the hang of it. It is also family and friendship centered that’s why I can relate so much, the things that happened in this book can also be reality.

What I liked about Stella, is that even though many things has happened to her, even though she looks like she’s carrying the worlds problem, she still managed to stand up and moved on with life. Not only that but she’s also an independent woman, hardworker-juggling her time between taking care of her sons and work.

Roz is definitely my favourite. She’s the definition of a woman that once a man breaks you, you can still stand up and make your own name. Even though her character went through sh*t on marriages she still stood up on her own, made a name and never give a damn to those who hurt her. Independent, confident all the traits and of course being a good boss and a mother never giving up no matter how sh*tty her life turned into. I admire her so much; the simple way that the author describe her made me even love Roz so much. As for Logan, he’s the kind of man that what he has on his mind is set on doing it. Sometimes I’m pissed at him for acting so brash but other than that thankful ’cause things wouldn’t happened is he hadn’t appeared on Stella’s life.

I was a bit disappointed at the thriller part. I’m expecting it to be happening in the first few chapters but once you get into that part you’ll actually feel a bit scared. Though not enough, the suspense still got me hooked. Romance actually takes time and I’m so happy because you can really see the character development of each one on the word ‘Love’

I know that it took me a long time to finish this book, but all I can say is that I never regretted reading it. The way Roz showed the power of women over men, dang I love it so much. This book teaches you how to love yourself, be confident and never be afraid to take chances again ’cause who knows it might turn out good😉

Also a reminder to all ladies out there, even if a man breaks you show them what you really are and never let them see your weak side cause we are much more stronger than this. Highly recommend you guys to read it, so much lesson learned. Love it so much. Until next time…

Book Review: Asylum




For sixteen-year-old Dan Crawford, New Hampshire College Prep is more than a summer program—it’s a lifeline. An outcast at his high school, Dan is excited to finally make some friends in his last summer before college. But when he arrives at the program, Dan learns that his dorm for the summer used to be a sanatorium, more commonly known as an asylum. And not just any asylum—a last resort for the criminally insane.

As Dan and his new friends, Abby and Jordan, explore the hidden recesses of their creepy summer home, they soon discover it’s no coincidence that the three of them ended up here. Because the asylum holds the key to a terrifying past. And there are some secrets that refuse to stay buried.



4.5 ⭐s

I’ve never read creepy books before. Ever. I’m a huge wuss when it comes anything related to horror. What surprise me the most is, when I’m browsing through a website I decided to download this book – that was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my whole entire life.

Many have said that it was like Ms Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children – It was similar in some parts like the pictures but the whole plot is very different. Back to the topic, I wanted to read something bone chilling, dark, deep and mysterious story – and for me this book gave it all to me. At the very beginning of the book, I can already feel the uneasiness creeping up on me.  The way the author describes everything is spot on plus adding the pictures really gave you that creepy vibes. It was a reaction of “Oh sh*t, what the f**k did I just entered?”

I was a bit confuse about Dan, there is not much of a personality on him but I still liked him – same with Abby and Jordan. Still, they made the story much more intense. My most biggest question is, how can the sculptor or Dan get those visions? Is it some kind of spirit thing? Or he just remembers it suddenly? Because when I read that part, I was going back and forth on how did all those visions came to him and there’s nothing!  Also the situation with Felix, I mean how?

I know that the author wanted to focus on the whole creepy plot, but I would really appreciate it on how all those things happen. You will definitely feel hunted when you’re reading it alone. I also loved the idea of those letters, I mean who wouldn’t be creeped out by those quotes? But despite my inner self telling me to stop reading it, I managed to finished it in about three hours and it was the most exhilarating hours of my life. Imagine you doing fifty jumping jacks and feel you heart, that’s how fast my heart is beating because of nervousness.

All in all the book is great, perfect for a halloween read but there is still some things that just did not meet my expectations, especially the questions above. I still recommend it to those people who wanted some easy horror story. It will ’cause you a night thinking about it.

Highly recommend it!


Book Review: Avalon: Cry of the Wolf




What comes between a girl and the magical animal she’s bonded with? When the girl is Adriane, fearless and fierce, and the creature is her best friend, the wolf, Stormbringer, no danger is too great. So when Stormbringer is lured back into the magical world, Adriane secretly follows – right through the portal!  There, Adriane faces powerful magical creatures when she tries to save her friend – and experiences a different kind of magic when she meets a strange boy with dangerous secrets.



4.5 ⭐s

After a few months of not reviewing books, I’m finally back. I know that the content of my blog suddenly changed but I just wanted to go out of my comfort zone and try other things to blog and right now I’m so happy about it. This past few months had been tough to me but it’s not yet done, I still have two more months before I can go back to my daily routine. So last week, I decided to re-read one of my favorite series ever and I can’t wait to share my opinions about it.

If you’re a girl who’s up for magic, adventure and friendship then this one is perfect for you! The book is all about a young girl being bonded with a magical animal – what I like about this book is the unique friendship not only to the two but also for the other girls. You’ll see different personalities, the way they handle each other and many more. I like that the author expresses the wolf’s feeling – The way Stormbringer talk to her, is not just any wolf. You’ll feel that she’s part human even though she’s not and their bonding is just so amazing that Adriane will do everything to be with her.

Setting that aside, the author really did a great job. From the illustrations to the fine details of the story, all of it is just amazing. I also liked the fact that it has a little romance in it but didn’t give much of an attention – we all have the one story where we put our whole attention on the romantic side. With this book not really because the main plot of this is all about friendship.

Adriane, is a one badass girl. I would love to have her as my friend – she just has this air of confidence and that strength in her. Her personality is so strong that you’ll feel yourself connecting to her – though there were things that I didn’t understand. Like how can a small Scorge knocked out Adriane and be able to put her in a sack? Still confused at that scene but I’ll let it go. Also, she’s a warrior and I would like to see more of her ‘attacks’ in this book.

All in all it was a great book and will make you cry at the end, but I hope to read more amazing adventures on the next installment of this series. Highly recommend those who are looking for a fun and light read.

See you on the next blog,



Book Review: And Then There Were None




First, there were ten – a curious assortment of strangers summoned as weekend guests to a private island off the coast of Devon. Their host, an eccentric millionaire unknown to all of them, is nowhere to be found. All that the guests have in common is a wicked past they’re unwilling to reveal – and a secret that will seal their fate. For each has been marked for murder. One by one they fall prey. Before the weekend is out, there will be none. And only the dead are above suspicion.




I’m supposed to be reading the Silkworm instead of this but I heard so many great reviews about Agatha and you know what? I told myself that I’m going to read this now – apparently she’s the queen of mystery and I plan to read more of her books in the future. Prior to this, I just want to remind you, that before you go to an isolated island, make sure that you really know who the real host is, because terrible things are going to happen- And it’s not good.

This book is all about strangers being invited into an island not knowing who really their host is. It’s not the kind of book that will frighten you, but the amount of mystery and thriller in this will surely keep you on your toes. When I started this, I was kinda lost because the amount of the characters overwhelmed me. I was like, who is the first character again? What’s her/his name again? Though I would really like to received the letters they have even if it’s hella creepy.

If you’re looking for gruesome, mystery deaths – this is a winner. It’s very fast paced and I really like how the author didn’t give much of a clue on who the murderer is. The story is kind of hard to get into especially the first few chapters including the middle – It’s not as surprising as you think it would be, but there’s still something that will pull you in. I will admit that I struggled a bit because of some unfamiliar words, thankfully there’s not much of it – Just a teeny tiny that will have you thinking.

The situation with the characters reminded me of Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder. You guys will see there is some similarity with the book and the anime – just watch it. Back on the topic, the choice of characters on how they act and the whole plot for me is just perfect. Some of them will really set your blood on fire, others you just want to kill them. Their emotions and feelings are complicated that you can’t help but think of somebody and compare with them.

The reason why I can’t give this book a perfect rating is because there were times, that it gets kind of boring because there were just so many stuff that my brain can’t handle. Or to put it bluntly, too much info. It get’s to the point where the story is dragging you but it was all in good hands when you passed through the buffering chapters. Definitely worth it! The killer is just amazeballs🔥 The whole thing is just stunning, I mean how can he do that without anyone’s help? The ending is just🔥 I was expecting the hitman to be alive but the unexpected events that happened in the last chapter will spin your world.

So yes, if you’re in for a gruesome and mystery death that you can just read in one sitting, then this book is a perfect catch for you!

See you on the next blog💞,


Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling




After losing his leg to a land mine in Afghanistan, Cormoran Strike is barely scraping by as a private investigator. Strike is down to one client, and creditors are calling. He has also just broken up with his longtime girlfriend and is living in his office.

Then John Bristow walks through his door with an amazing story: His sister, the legendary supermodel Lula Landry, known to her friends as the Cuckoo, famously fell to her death a few months earlier. The police ruled it a suicide, but John refuses to believe that. The case plunges Strike into the world of multimillionaire beauties, rock-star boyfriends, and desperate designers, and it introduces him to every variety of pleasure, enticement, seduction, and delusion known to man.



1.5 ⭐️

This book is pure disappointment. On my Instagram, I told you guys that I’m getting more interested into reading mystery and thriller books – that’s why I search the internet to find some really great one’s but so far the first book on the Cormoran Series is a big nope for me. This book is all about a soldier coming home after losing his leg at the war – I was pretty intrigued by the synopsis because all I could think of is a very arrogant, funny and intelligent detective. Lol, I was kinda upset about the main characters attitude about his life – I don’t like the way that he’s just moaning about not having a client, being drowned into his debts, and also about his break-up from his fiance. Why not stand up and do something? He’s giving me a headache.

At the first part of the book, I was disturbed because I was greeted by a curse word – I know that most of the authors use those, but in this book it’s very verbal. I’m pretty open to it but it gets to the point where it’s cringe worthy that I have to stop reading. Those very short dialogues and over unnecessary explanation is driving me insane – It gets bored to the point that I have to re-read the sentences twice. Don’t forget the very deep words; like “exacerbated” and “exorbitant”. I don’t mind discovering some new words and getting to know what is behind them, but sometimes she just have to chill. I’m still a teenager learning about literature huhu.

I also notice that she repeats the same word with much more complex meaning behind them. Like whatttt??? Why would you that? Why complicate things?  One thing missing from this is action – I know that not all mystery and thriller books is all about adventure but I was rooting for it in this because it involves dead people. The pacing of this book is also the problem – It took me hours just to finish one chapter everyday. The only thing that I liked about this book is, Robin. When I first met her, I thought that she is Lula. I liked that she is reliable and resourceful – there was this scene where they don’t have any coffee or cups and she borrow some from the cafe downstairs just to prepare something for their client and her boss. Yeah, show your boss what you really got.

All in all, the way the author build the world, characters and the things that’s supposed to happen in here, didn’t really satisfied me. If you’re a big fan of J.K, why not read it? But if you’re really interested into much more dark and mystery books, I suggest go for another one.

See you on the next blog💖,