Eat Me Up: Tapa Pares

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“Good Food is Good Mood”

Another food blog for those who loves discovering new flavors, new cute food stalls or restaurants. Comfort food has always been our best buddy. Tapa has always been Filipino’s favorite meal in the morning paired with eggs and fried rice. Since we don’t where and what to eat that night, we stumbled on this place where they served different kind of Tapa’s.

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The interior of the place is so cute! It has this playful vibe and canteen looks which makes it more cozy. The chairs , tables, drawings and the counter is so cute! It’s the kind of place that will surely make you go back because of it’s atmosphere and of course food.

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Tappa with Longganisa Sausage
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Sizzling Bulalo
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Beef Pares

Out of three, my favorite is the sizzling bulalo – my dad’s order. The beef is so soft that you wouldn’t even need a knife plus the sauce is so good! The portion of the sizzling bulalo is just the right amount plus they also have unlimited rice and drinks so it’ll be worth ordering it. My second favorite is the one that I ordered, the Tappa with Longganisa Sausage.

The egg is perfectly cooked plus their sausage is not the regular one. You’ll love it and if you just want to try a simple tapa dish you can order the Beef Pares – which is also delicious by the way. I love their fried rice – it isn’t the kind of rice that is lumpy or sticks (you know what I mean) also has garlic and is perfectly cooked.

The prices too are budget friendly – it’s a place where you can go with your friends after school or work or just want to have some tapa. They also have different kinds of meal not just tapa (the pic of menu is above) Highly recommend if you’re going to order the Sizzling Bulalo. The best and i’m sure that you guys will love it.

Tapa Pares is located at Hensonville, Balibago Angeles City

They also have social media accounts just type the name “Tapa Pares” on facebook and instagram and their page will appear! Hope this blog is helpful for those poeple wanting to find something new. Until next blog…





Eat Me Up: Aranci Blu’


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Well, of course food is a source of energy for people to be able to do work- not only that other’s consider it as their comfort zone or they just really love the explosion of flavors in their mouth.  But let me ask this, what kind of person you are when it comes to food?


The one who prefers fancy dining?

or the fast food one?

Admittedly, people has been fond of fast food restaurants ’cause it’s much more cheaper and affordable. However, we can’t deny that we’ve thought about eating in fancy restaurants before with wine on your side or the warm atmosphere and the aromatic flavors of the food right under your nose. Today, that will change. I’m going to share with you guys a new place that we’ve found in Friendship, Angeles near Sunset.

The picture above is what the exterior looks like. I’ve talked to one of their staffs and found out that the restaurant is only open up to 10 PM – their peak hours is lunch and dinner time. So if you like to take pictures inside and be by yourself, you could come by in the afternoon.

They did a great job doing the interior of the restaurant. Once you enter, you would immediately feel the coziness of the place because of it’s warm lights. The sunlight doesn’t stream inside because of it’s windows or heavy curtains. What I like about it is that they still added that pop of color for the place to really shine – they have this painting of buildings in a brick wall that you will see once you step inside. That one is really pretty


Then they also have a private section that you can use for family gatherings or occasion. The place is big and spacious






The concept of their menu is Italian – Mediterranean. Since this our first time here we only ordered two things – the topping of our pizza has shrimp and squid. The pasta is pene which is spicy and garlic bread on the side. I forgot the names huhu sorry! But I’ll try to remember it and write it down here if I did.

My favorite dish from what we ordered is the pasta. Since it was spicy I was expecting the flavor to be strong when you take your first bite but I was really surprise by the taste of it. When you take a bite, you’ll ask yourself  “I thought this is spicy, why is it not there?” Trust me, once you’ve taken two or three more bites of the pasta, the spiciness of the sauce will explode in your mouth.

It’s so tasty, the pasta is perfectly cooked the sauce is on point not that spicy to the point where you’ll drink every second but the kick and flavor is there. Definitely one of my favorites. Also, if you don’t have a big appetite the pasta is good for two people but if you like it all by yourself, why not?

The pizza is also good. I love the crust and the sauce. It is perfectly cooked plus you could really smell the shrimp and squid. I think their pizza is cooked in a brick oven ’cause I ask my mom why there is still a little bit of flour underneath the crust and she said that it could be cooked in an old style way. Which is good because other people prefer their pizza’s cooked in a brick oven so that the flavor of the pizza and the crust will intensify.

All in all, I could say that this is my new favorite place. Though a bit pricey, well what do you expect it is a FANCY place hihi I think you guys would love the food here. They also have steaks on their entree which sadly we couldn’t get to taste ’cause we just want to look at it a little bit. But will come back here next time!

A great place if you’re going to have a date, family gathering, a day out with friends etc. The place is cozy, staffs are friendly and of course the food is amazing. Though if you want to try many food in here *whispers* make sure to check your wallet hihi. Definitely worth it if you guys want to try a different kind of food in a much more fancy way.

Whoop that’s all for today, hit me up in the comments if you guys decided to go to try their food.


Eat Me Up: Muceno Food Park

Another foodie blog!!! I mentioned in my last post that food park’s are popping everywhere – I can now say that we’ve encountered another one which I am really excited to share with you. You can invite your family and friends to have some quality time and enjoy some great foods.


Muceno is located in Richthofen St corner Hensonville, Malabanias, Sta. Maria Ave, Angeles, Pampanga


The open space looks more cozy with the effects of the yellow light bulbs.



My favorite out of these three is the maki – for P140 you get 8 pieces which you wouldn’t regret once you tasted it. The price with the squid is also the same as the maki – as for the Ice Cream i’m a bit disappointed. Since it was P90 and you get five flavors, I thought that the scoops were big but I was a little upset because of the small servings.

As for the place, I’d say that it was very refreshing because of the open space though it was a bit small, I think that you guys should try it. Thumbs up for me👍

See you on the next blog,


Eat Me Up: Moderno Food Park & Egg Waffle

Food Park’s are probably one of the happiest place a foodie person can go including me – It’s the easiest way where you can just go in one area and taste food from different  stalls. I’ve heard that in Manila food park’s are popping everywhere – which I really am excited to see. Because of a busy schedule, we decided to try out the food park in Angeles.


Moderno is located in  MacArthur Hwy, San Fernando, Pampanga. 


Every stall is put up in a container van which is really cute. The only downside to this one is that you’ll be sweating a little bit because of the people inside. They also have tables outside which is perfect because the most popular time is from 7-9 pm. They have itfrom pizza, chicken, tacos, quesadillas etc.


The chicken wings is the best – really flavorful. Quesadillas is a bit meh to me, the bread is a little thick which makes it hard to eat – Pork chop is really good too especially the mash potato. As for the drinks, my favorite one is cucumber with calamansi. All in all, I think it was a really awesome food park and I can’t wait to see more of this.

Another food that I’ve recently liked is the Egg Waffle. We ordered this in Renaissance Hotel in Balibago. They also have matcha considering that it is located in korean town and many more different flavors. You can search them in facebook to find their location and more details.


See you on the next blog,


Eat Me Up: Eggs n Brekky

Another food trip had been conducted this Sunday, October 23. This time, it’s all about breakfast meal. After running and walking our dog in the park, we visited the famous Eggs n Brekky in Angeles City. It is located in 447 Rizal Extension – Though a bit far, I assure you that coming here will satisfy your stomach and wouldn’t do much damage in your pockets. In their menus, they have a lot of varieties; From rice meals down to waffles. They also have many beverages that you could choose from.

The first thing that we ordered is Hungarian Sausage. This, by far, is my most favorite food in this place. When you eat the sausage, you would’t notice that it was spicy. It will slowly go down to your throat and at that time, you will feel the burn. It isn’t the kind of spice that would have you coughing, just a little fire to blend with the sauce. Paired with garlic rice, it is the perfect meal for me.


Next thing is the original food made by filipinos – It’s called Beef Tapa. It’s paired with vinegar sauce to add spiciness to it.


As for the dessert, this is the one thing that I am truly waiting for to get my hands on it – Chocolate Chip Pancakes. 


Although it is supposed to be sweet because it’s called chocolate chip pancakes, I think they should lessen the syrup just a little bit. Alongside with the whip cream, I really like it and pancakes are heavenly. They’re so soft and fluffy – easy to chew. The drink beside is Blue Lemonade – they also have another one which is the best seller Cucumber Lemonade. I recommend getting those two because they’re refreshing and also healthy.

All in all, this restaurant is a big thumbs up for me. The waffles ranges from P89 to P100+. They also have some savory waffles if you’re not a big fan of sweets. Highly recommend this place. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is refreshing – though the space is a bit small it is very cozy and of course the prices are very affordable.

Oh, before I forgot, Dutch wants to say hello!


We’ll be waiting for you💞