Travel Blog: Goshen


“Why do you like to travel?”

“Why…because there are so many beautiful things/places that are yet to be discovered and that we should enjoy life while we still have time..”

Did you guys miss me? It’s been almost a month since I last posted but I’m here now – I still have my other travel blog on going, since school has been hectic I haven’t been able to finish it.

I do hope that you guys will visit this place in the future 🙂 I bet that all of you will love it…come with me tehee..

Goshen Resort is located at Bamban Tarlac

After you’ve crossed the bridge, just drive until you see a green sign that has Goshen on it. The resort is still under construction so don’t be confused when you visit and saw many trucks. The grand opening is in December where you can use all their facilities all you want, there are also rooms so you can stay overnight if you liked.

2017-09-03 01.09.34 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.35 1.jpg

Upstairs before we go down to the pool

2017-09-02 03.47.33 1.jpg

2017-09-02 03.47.32 1.jpg

They have three separate pools in this place alone, on the other side is the overlooking pool which is still under construction.

2017-09-03 01.09.27 1.jpg

2017-09-02 03.47.20 1.jpg

2017-09-02 03.47.21 1.jpg

This is the third pool and much more deeper than the other two

2017-09-02 03.47.26 1.jpg

They also have a band. If you’re on day tour the pool & band is up to 5 pm only. If you’re going to stay for a night the band starts at 7 pm

2017-09-03 01.09.51 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.24 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.46 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.42 1.jpg

2017-09-03 01.09.37 1.jpg

This are the places that you can see when you go there, like I’ve said before the resort is still not yet fully done so if you want to experience everything I suggest you go to their grand opening which I stated above when.

I do hope that you guys liked it 🙂

Travel Blog: Vigan, Pagudpud & Laoag coming soon….




Travel Blog: Hongkong & Macau DIY Trip: Day 2

Of course, our trip to Hong Kong will not be complete without visiting Disneyland. It is every child’s dream, actually everyone’s dream plus it’s my first time so this is very memorable. The best word to describe my whole day in this place is – priceless.

If you’re from Tsim Sha Tsui, you have to take a train going back to sunny bay. From there, you had to ride another train to get to your destination. And how lovely the disneyland train is.








Time to start the adventure
The buildings
The first thing that we decided to do is watch some theater play. The play starts at 12:45 so we eat some lunch first
So excited. Again couldn’t post the pictures because some of them were dark


Belle’s castle
Another ride my mom chose – I swear in the future she would be the reason my heart attack. This is one of the most scariest rides I’ve ever tried in my whole life – I forgot the name of it. Funny thing is, I am the only one shouting on this ride while the others are laughing or just stoic
The way my mother smile after the ride is creepy – It’s like she’s telling me that she won


Didn’t get to experience the ride because we’re too tired
My pretty mother
Christmas is coming
Saw this and they’re so good
So pretty – don’t mind the people guys
Fake snow – love yah mom


That’s all for the second day in Hong Kong – I really enjoyed it especially the last show and the fireworks – definitely worth it.

See you on the next blog